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Going to faraway lands and partaking in exotic activities is fun, but there are also great places to go for Christmas right in your backyard. If money’s tight or time doesn’t permit a long plane ride to another continent, there are places in the Americas where you can find your next great adventure. Read on to learn about some great Christmas destinations that you can be in faster than you can finish eating a plate of holiday cookies!

1. New York City, New York, United States

People and famous led advertising panels in Times Square during snow, one of the symbol of New York City

2. Chicago, Illinois, United States

3. Mexico City, Mexico

View of Zocalo, cathedral and Christmas tree in Mexico city, Mexico


Europe is an especially popular tourist destination for Americans, and with good reason. The stunning history and architecture of cities around Europe as well as the friendliness of locals contribute to making any European vacation amazing. Over the holidays, these sites are even more beautiful than they are at other times of the year and there are even more traditions to partake in! Read on to learn more.

4. London, England

Christmas Lights Display in Covent Garden Market, people present, in London. The modern colorful Christmas lights attract and encourage people to the market

5. Paris, France

Christmas tree decorated with red balls and covered with snow on a rare snowy day in Paris. Eiffel tower is in the background

6. Alicante, Spain

Christmas celebration on balcony terrace with sea view, winter travel


There’s no continent quite like Asia. Most cities in this region are a combination of the sleek and modern as well as the traditional and historic. Around the holidays, Asian cultures take on a level of class and culture that nowhere else in the world can hope to match up to. In this section, we’re going to talk about some places where you can make the most of the holidays with various traditions around Asia!

7. Tokyo, Japan

8. Shanghai, China

9. Mumbai, India

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