New year’s eve is one of the most precious times of the year. It is the time where we close one chapter of our book and give a warm welcome to the new phase of our life. People have many new hopes, wishes, and resolutions at this time of the year. And it gets more exciting when you decide to celebrate it at a beautiful destination, with your friends or family.

There is a long list of places around the world where you can celebrate the New Year festivities. The new year’s countdown and celebration get more exciting and magical with the live firework shows! Furthermore, in some regions of the world, people also launched sky lanterns to welcome the coming year.

Do you want to make your new year’s eve more special and magical? Are you looking for the world’s best firework displays on new years’ eve? Do you want something different and exciting on this New Year? If your answer is YES, then this blog post is worth reading.

We will not just help you find the best New Year’s destination for your New Years’ celebration – but also how you can plan and organize your trip. So, you can enjoy a memorable, adventurous and magical New Year Eve!

Here is a list of 10 top tourist destinations, which are known for brilliant firework shows – but also offer other exciting activities like block parties with lots of free food, music, and a lively crowd!


New Years Fireworks, Australia

The first place that greets the New Year is the city of Australia – Sydney. Not only the people of this city welcomes the New Year, before the rest of the world – the city is known for its gleaming and blazing skylight displays.

The firework is launched from two different places, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge at Sydney Harbour. You can watch the fireworks popping in the sky from nearby buildings and parks. The exciting thing about the firework show is its timing – twelve minutes to represent each month of the year!

You can witness the whole scenery along the foreshore or above the bridge, but if you love the Disney movie – Rapunzel, then make sure to book a seat in one of the boats. And don’t forget to get yourself bubbles to make the countdown more beautiful and mesmerizing!


New year fireworks show at Burj khalifa in Dubai

Be it a national day of some country or an event like New Year’s Eve, Dubai, UAE is one of the most incredible places on the whole Earth for New Years Celebrations. The display of lights and firework shows from the tallest skyscraper of the world – the Burj Khalifa makes the scene jawdropping and eye-popping.

You can enjoy the firework displays high above in the sky from any public place in Dubai. To get the best and perfect view of the firework explosives while enjoying the party, then make sure to get on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa.

In 2013, Dubai secured the record of launching the world’s largest firework shows, till 2016! So make sure to get yourself a plane ticket to Dubai, where you might get a chance to witness another spectacular, record-holding firework show!


Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus earlier known as Victoria Terminus in Mumbai, India

What’s better than to end the year 2019 and rope in 2020, other than a country full of culture, traditions, and norms? We are talking about one of the cities of India, Mumbai – the city that never goes to sleep!

If you are looking for new year’s night parties where you can witness one of the world’s most enthusiastic and cheering countdowns, then Mumbai is your go-to destination. The celebrations are its peaks at the Gateway of India, where hundreds of locals and tourists gather to welcome the coming year!

If you think that crackers and fireworks explosive is not used in India on New Year’s Eve, then you are wrong. Mumbai has one of the adoring firework shows on the eve of 31st December!

Las Vegas

The sin city – Las Vegas is famous for its glitz and blitz casinos, night clubs, and non-stop fun. But that’s just not all. It is one of those places in the world that organizes brilliant, immense, and adoring Firework displays on New Year’s Eve.

All the casinos in the city jointly arrange choreographed pyrotechnics display, at the midnight of 31st December! The colorful, bright and blazing skylights illuminate the whole sky, while more than 300,000 people enter New Year!

The whole scene is breathtaking! After the countdown, people hit the nearby nightclubs, casinos, and bar to sway their bodies on the beat of the music, feasting and drinking a whole night!


If you want to spend your new year’s eve in one of Asia’s cities, then Tokyo Bay is a good option for all-night party seekers. The fact that this is not a part of the city proper, yet still hosts the most sophisticated and spectacular celebrations is what attracts both locals and tourists.

Though the Japanese stick to their culture and traditions, at Tokyo bay, you will witness the most modern and western style New Year celebrations. The celebrations begin with the massive, bright, and colorful firework shows at midnight.

A unique New Year’s ritual in Tokyo is ringing the temple for 108 times at midnight to cleanse 108 worldly desires and lust of people. After all the events, you can hit a nearby club or bar, to enjoy the festivities of the New Year.


As we are talking about some of the world’s best places for New Year’s celebrations, it would be unfair not to talk about Singapore! The city offers one of the unforgettable, heart-warming, and joyous moments to dive into the new year. The whole skyline of the city illuminates with multiple colors altogether ar midnight on 31st December.

Though the celebrations and festivities continue all across the island, the biggest countdown to the new year is alway organized ar the Marina Bay! The celestial-themed iconic firework show at Marina Bay is mesmerizing.

The celebrations don’t end here. The Great Circus of Europe, live music, performances, and all-night parties starting from 20th December onwards are worth a try!

New York City

On New Year’s Eve, the whole world gives a countdown to the new year with the Big Apple – New York City. Though there are thirty-eight time zones and cities from all the world countdown for the new coming year, the most anticipated of all is the one in New York, Times Square sparkly ball drop!

The firework explosives are launched from three different locations of the including the Brooklyn street, New York Harbor and the Central Park. Every year, around one million makes their way to witness the glorious and dramatic skylight display of the year.
The nights get more exciting and joyful with the rooftop parties, live music, and star-studded concerts at Grand Army Plaza and a hot cup of cocoa! Regardless of the squeezing crowd, the night of 31st December is magical.


Tower bridge with firework, celebration of the New Year in London, UK

No doubt the Time Square ball drop is quite the show, but when it comes to New Year’s celebration, London is the most iconic place of the planet. Every year, the people of London witness the world’s best firework displays at the Thames.

The digital countdown, along with the Chimes of Big Ben and luminous firework displays, is captivating. Each year they use a new and different theme for their pyrotechnics show.

Those who want to take up a close look at the dreamy and mystical show they have to buy the tickets to get in! Moreover, you don’t have to worry about cabs. As all the public transportations are free from 11:45 pm to 4:30 am!

And if you are not ready to call it a night after the countdown, you can feast, drink, dance and enjoy live music and performance anywhere around the city.

Rio de Janeiro

Both locals and tourist, enjoy the breath-taking New Years fireworks display along Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is known for its sensational and astounding Carnivals. But these Carnivals are nothing as compared to the New Year’s celebrations in Rio de Janeiro. On the night of 31st December, the streets of this city are bustling with people. All of them in the hope of taking an up-close at the celebrations and festivities of the borning year.

The celebrations begin at Copacabana Beach. The party starts long before people arrive there because of the traffic. The party here goes all night, and after the countdown, people dive into the water of the ocean. Because of its tradition in Brazil, to jump seven small waves, to thank or make a wish on each one.

The firework shows at the beach are no doubt spellbinding and captivating. The fireworks start at midnight and last till 12:14 am. The exciting and unique fact about the celebrations in this city is the tradition of wearing white on the part. Though you can wear any color you would want, wearing white will give you a more local feeling.

Hong Kong

The last but not the least, the destination for New Year’s celebrations in Hong Kong. If you are looking for a magical night, then hop on one of Hong Kong new year’s cruise like Harbour Cruise. The symphony of the colorful and luminous lights and sounds from the water and the sparkling fireworks display in the sky make the night perfect for everyone.

All of the places that we have mentioned in our blog post throw the world’s best new year celebration parties. These are the few cities with incredible fireworks themes. Have you made up your mind, and packed your bags already, then book your tickets with, and welcome the year 2020, almost magically!

Looking For Tourists Destinations?

If you already have been these places, then you can plan your trip to the Disney land in Florida. Here they have one of the most enchanting and breathtaking firework shows. Or you can either get a ticket for Montreal, Beijing, California, or Kentucky.

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