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Seoul – a city that harmonises its ancient palaces with soaring modern structures and stands proudly as South Korea’s capital. Explore the city sights, here.

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  1. Seoul should get Nobel prize, world No.1 city. Capital of the earth. Seoul has culture&art more than Paris, important more than New York , more economy&safer than Tokyo , bettar internetspeed and subway system than London. That's why Seoul is the best. Doesn't matter what you'll say.

  2. Have always loved your videos so so so much for many years… And I’ve been waiting if you could make videos in more Chinese cities sometime!

  3. A great guide on what to do in Seoul! Other than sight seeing, here are some great places to eat at:

    유가네 (Yoogane): Dak-galbi
    명동 교자 (Myeongdong Gyoja): Korean kalguksu noodles and dumplings
    중화 복춘 (JungHwa Bokchun): Good Korean/Chinese food for foods like jjajang myeon.

  4. Thank you so much, this made me cry thinking of coronavirus and how this is destroying our beautiful world ????❤️❤️

  5. China has hundreds of modern cities so plz Expedia make some videos of China’s first tier cities like Beijing shanghai Guangzhou and shenzhen

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