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Krabi Calling

Tourism is huge in Thailand with the industry worth at least a couple of trillion bhat a year as well as almost 10% of the jobs in the country. Needless to say travelers love Thailand for its affordable prices, delicious food, friendly people, beautiful scenery and warm temperatures.

Some parts of Thailand have grown so much in popularity that having an authentic experience there can be challenging, not so, at least not yet, in Krabi. Located across the water from the infamous Phuket, on the country’s south western coast, Krabi has just recently found its tourism feet. It therefore has the same pluses as other resorts without the minuses.

Of course, there are a lot of reasons to visit Krabi, but we came up with 5 very good ones…

Ao Nang

Ao Nang is the place where you go if you want some action or at least to meet other tourists. It has a plethora of hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants catering to tourists of all tastes and budgets.

Great during the day as a place to kick back and relax, at night it teems with the nightlife not of the house music, moon rave, beach party variety like Phuket, but a relaxed, chilled-out Krabi variety that includes cocktails on the beach at sunset, live-music, and even ladyboy cabaret shows.

Koh Phi Phi 

Ao Nang’s nightlife might not be your thing but Koh Phi Phi’s could be. Known for its wild beach parties it is reachable by a 1 and a half hour ferry ride. During the day, visitors are equally entertained with lolling about on one of the many beaches, hiking along well worn trails and engaging in various water sports.

Koh Lanta Among Other Islands

Koh Lanta is another gorgeous island, but with a completely different vibe to Koh Phi Phi. Here the pace is slow and a bit romantic, perfect for lovers under the sun and surf. These islands are just two polar opposite examples of around 200 islands off of Krabi. They all have their own charms and levels of accessibility. Rest assured though you can find plenty to do on all of them besides staring at their gorgeous scenery.

Railay Penninsula

Some of Krabi’s most famous beaches are found on Railay peninsula located between Ao Nang and Krabi Town. Railay Beach in the past few years has consistently made the list of top ten beaches in the world and beach lovers will find much to rave about, but it is rock climbers who have really taken to the area. Railay’s sheer limestone cliffs have climbs for beginners and experts. A beginner who is looking to become an expert? The area also has some reliable climbing schools that can help.

The Tiger Cave Temples

The climbs in Railay reward daredevils with breathtaking views as well as a sense of accomplishment, but Wat Tham Sua has a further reward for less risk. Climbers brave nothing more than 1,247 steps and their own stamina to reach the mountain peak and various Buddhist structures. Pagoda like temples and a huge golden Buddha as wells as old meditation caves make this an attraction not to miss.

There are other reasons to visit Krabi and other things to see and do. We guess this is just our curated list. Chilling out on beaches, climbing soaring heights and spending nights eating, drinking and meeting new friends. It sounds like the perfect vacation in a unique part of a very popular tourist destination. It sounds like Krabi is calling.

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