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We want to inspire and empower everyone to travel.

You know that feeling. When you wake up in the morning and realize you’re not at home in your own bed. You look around a strange room. Listen acutely to sounds coming from an open window. Inhale exotic, enticing smells. Then you understand. You know where you are and why.
You’re on vacation!

That crazy, incredible feeling is why we started PeopleTraveling. We love that sentiment and want everyone to enjoy it and embrace it as much as possible. We figure we can inspire and empower people to travel by writing about how to do it easily and affordably.

Meet our co-author


Photographer, Wanderer , Blogger
Marios got the travel bug young. When his mom kept finding him trying to scale the back garden fence she knew that he wanted to see more of the wider world. Since then, he has held good on his natural inclination and traveled extensively; where ever and whenever time and budget allow. He is passionate about sharing his travel experience, hacks and know-how with others who like him, were always trying to get out of the garden gate. If with the PeopleTravelling blog, he can help light the passion of travel in even one person, then he will die a happy travelin’ man. Favorite destination: Santorini, Greece because it is like no other place in the world and its scenery is stunning. Most memorable travel moment: Watching a lion take down his wildebeest prey on safari in Africa. Oh, and especially capturing it on film.

Meet our co-author


Marketer , Wanderer , Blogger
From the time he was a young boy, George was on a quest to find himself. He soon realized that the best way to achieve that was to go out into the world and find other people and places. His wandering spirit led to his interest in Eastern culture and philosophy which in turn took him to many different, out of the way destinations. Always on the alert for the incredible mysteries and amazing people to be encountered while traveling, he has a plethora of stories to share. His goal with PeopleTravelling is to help others collect similar stories – the ones that make living and traveling worth diving into. If he can do this, then his efforts at PeopleTravelling will be fantastically rewarded. Favorite destination: The magical Yellow Mountains of Huangshan, because who knows what master might be quietly living there… Most memorable travel moment: In Egypt, standing amongst the Pyramids of Giza feeling the mystery of their construction and the whispering of their secrets.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound? If the sun rises on a tropical island without anyone there to notice, does it rise? Don’t let it stay night forever! Get out there and keep the world spinning. Its people like us, PeopleTraveling who watch that lonely sunset and make it real. Allow us to share the world, inspiring you to take your first footstep into one of the four corners of this incredible planet!

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